sndk100 and ziggyzaooo play a t20,556 pot at t500/1000 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - 9 max on Poker Stars

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Poker Stars Freeroll No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t500/t1000 Blinds + t100 - 9 players - View hand 25092
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Tauwyn (CO): t13910 M = 5.80
sndk100 (BTN): t24680 M = 10.28
Hero (SB): t9428 M = 3.93
Keneo (BB): t16514 M = 6.88
hordave12 (UTG): t23242 M = 9.68
ONGGO197 (UTG+1): t16444 M = 6.85
playingball (UTG+2): t15032 M = 6.26
germ1nat0r (MP1): t34689 M = 14.45
simonimus (MP2): t22000 M = 9.17

Pre Flop: (t2400) Hero is SB with AA of clubs AA of spades
6 folds, sndk100 raises to t24580 all in, Hero calls t8828 all in, 1 fold

Flop: (t20556) 22 of diamonds JJ of spades QQ of clubs (2 players - 2 are all in)

Turn: (t20556) AA of hearts (2 players - 2 are all in)

River: (t20556) TT of diamonds (2 players - 2 are all in)

Final Pot: t20556
sndk100 shows TT of hearts KK of clubs (a straight, Ten to Ace)
Hero shows AA of clubs AA of spades (three of a kind, Aces)
sndk100 wins t20556

Hand Notes
2016-12-03: GCbFybbktqveupsvmn, [url=]vkohtpcaulet[/url], [link=]ztscfuymuxxo[/link],
2016-12-13: K6OxKQwxyavikokqvu, [url=]guvwupgqirjc[/url], [link=]ndwywwwhonqk[/link],
2016-12-26: WtJzrmkevawalovejy, [url=]degzdhxaozqf[/url], [link=]klntcblmpvui[/link],
2017-01-05: 7WWMiNpktftbptytyb, [url=]xdtoqxgwltip[/url], [link=]lpxavnvogvye[/link],